It is easy to see that computing has gone mobile. That is why we have developed a suite of Apps and communication tools to help your business operate no matter where you or your employees are. Our Apps can run on any iOS, Android or Windows(1) device.

(1) Windows requires a compatible browser installed.


The dashboard was designed to be a more attractive visual representation of your business. It is a great feature for your management team to quickly get a snapshot of where you are and where you are headed.

Item Lookup

Item lookup lets your sales associates check product information and availability from the sales floor or at the customer's home. Dont leave the customer to go to a PC anymore.

Sales Entry

Sales Entry allows your salespeople to enter and finalize a sale right from the mobile device, without having to move the customers to a desk or terminal.

Associate Tracker

The Associate Tracker allows you, as a manager, or your associates themselves to keep up with their level of performance.

Customer Lookup

Customer Lookup gives your sales, office and operations staff the ability to view and update customer information from anywhere to give your customer a seamless and consistent service experience no matter who in your company they talk to.

Truck Dispatch

Truck Dispatch will let your delivery drivers deliver sales while they are at the customer's house performing the delivery. Service issues and refusals can be noted in real-time with images attached. Signature capture is available.


Service is similar to Truck Dispatch for your service calls. Your service employee can take pictures and document work done while still on site.

Scanner Menu

Scanner Menu, if you also have a bluetooth scanner, turns your mobile device into an inventory scanner.

Salesperson Follow

Salesperson Follow gives your sales staff the ability to catch potential customer affecting problems before they happen.

Call Lookup

Call Lookup is an integrated system that lets you track communication between management, staff and customers using our app, email, text messaging and social media. You can track and insure important tasks are completed . Alerts can be automatically triggered when events happen that you want someone to know about.